If you...

feel like you don't recognize yourself anymore

tried everything but your marriage is still not getting better

feel trapped because being a mom isn't what you thought it would be

did all the right things your church, pastors, mentors told you to do but still feel hopeless

desperately want to parent differently than you were raised

would be too embarrassed to ever bring up these struggles up to anybody

I got you. Because I was you.

Hi I'm Kendra!

I help struggling young moms thrive after postpartum depression and divorce.

It was four years ago I found myself emotionally at rock bottom shortly after giving birth to my son. On the surface, I thought everything was fine, and I "should" be happy. Hormones, some toxic religious beliefs, and a destructive marriage made for the perfect storm, and I realized I could not continue living that way.

I've emerged stronger, filled with more joy, understanding, peace, curiosity, and purpose. But it was a long and lonely journey. That's why I'm here - you don't have to walk though the fire alone any longer. 

The Resilient Mama
Guided 90 Day Journal
When my son was a newborn, I didn't have time to sit down and journal just for fun like I used to in my college days. However, I was falling apart as my mental health deteriorated and didn't know how to function at all. This is the guide I wish I had when I started my postpartum depression and anxiety journey. I was always taking note of when baby ate, pooped, and slept, but wish I had kept track of myself too. So this is for you, mama. Your baby may be your everything, but you're their everything too.

This guided journal walks you through 12 weeks of simple steps to stay focused and keep moving forward.

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