You want to feel your best.
You know that working with a coach will help you do that.
Picture this...

you just put your child to bed and quietly walk out of their room. Walking past the bathroom you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You do a quick double take, not because of the cute new graphic tee you bought, but because you have a new light in your eyes. No doubt it was still a long day, but it was good

In that moment, pride and relief washes over you, because you know you showed up as the best version of yourself today. You feel a joy and peace that you haven't felt in a while, because you confidently stuck to your boundaries, and can now show up as the best mom you can be. You're so grateful you invested in yourself and trusted the coaching process.

That's the picture you want to see, isn't it?
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What it's like working with Kendra...


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If you could accomplish more by leveraging strengths you already have within you, that is something you’d want to know more about right? 
Bring inspiration, motivation, goal setting, and clarity to your school, company, church or organization.

what is life coaching?

Ever had a coach on the basketball team, dance team, swimming, etc in high school or college? They teach and train, and the impactful ones do so much more. A life coach is a guide to walk beside you, while also having been where you are, not just in a sport but in all of life. I provide my clients access to tools, resources, frameworks, in addition to my own life experience and wisdom. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy.